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Battlefield 4 Commander for tablets

GB Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2014-03-23 22:01
Chem, is that 7 to the medal for 50 ribbons or 7 to the dog tag 250 ribbons!!
I got the medal a week or so ago, now plodding glacially to the dog tag.
Enlisted: 2012-10-19
2014-03-23 22:37
I wish that this was available for the windows devices. I have a nokia lumia phone and wanted to be able to do this on it
AU Enlisted: 2013-10-07
2014-03-24 04:18
Is any one else still having issues with this app,

it has come along way, but I don't get the points towards service stars but I, which is better than what I was getting before (which was nothing).

I really like this mode, but the app needs a few more tweeks before I can really commit more time to it,

any feed back on the app fixes progress would be greatly appreciated
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2014-03-24 07:30
There is a big update to version 2.0 due next week, a few details from the mods on page 94/95.
SE Enlisted: 2013-03-03
2014-03-24 08:41
Hey everyone!

The 2.0.0 version is populating app stores throughout the world RIGHT NOW!. As I mentioned earlier this thread will be locked and we wish that all feedback regarding the new update will be posted in the new thread found here: []
Mobile Development Director @ DICE
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.