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Battlelog Mobile Update, March 11th 2014

DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2014-03-11 15:58
This is a silent update of the Battlelog mobile app (not tablet app) that will automatically be applied the next time the app properly restarts. An update will thus not appear to download for the app.

- Naval Strike content is now available in the Battlelog mobile app, e.g. weapons and assignments.

- The "started playing" feed events, when friends start playing e.g. expansion packs, have now been added to mobile
- Vehicle groups that do not have Service Stars are now better marked

- Fixed an issue, where you would always view your own awards and assignments, if you tried to view someone else's
- Various fixes and changes to the Detailed Stats page on mobile, fixing e.g. the K/D Ratio not displaying properly
- Fixed some missing or incorrect images for various items, such as the Skid Loader
- Fixed an issue with some Assignment rewards not appearing correctly
- Fixed an issue where the progress bar wasn't properly showing for all weapons in the Stats -> Weapons view
- Fixed an issue where Battle Reports and Missions opened from the notification tray wouldn't work, if you didn't have the correct soldier set as active
- Implemented a fix to ensure that disabled buttons can never be used
- Fixed an issue in Suggestions, where Battlepack unlocks would appear as completed even if they're not
- Fixed an issue where not all unlocked Dog Tags could be equipped
- Various minor issues fixed
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