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Battlelog Mobile Update, March 25 2014

DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2014-03-25 13:56
- Battlelog now supports the Naval Strike expansion pack for Battlefield 4. The content will be enabled as the release is rolled out on the various platforms.

- We have now added Battlepacks to mobile where you can open Battlepacks and see the content of those you already opened
- Added Emblems to Settings where you can see your created Emblems and select a new active Emblem
- Added Privacy Settings, so you can e.g. toggle invisible mode or who can see your stats
- Added Soldier Portraits in Settings, so you can set a new Soldier Portrait
- Expansion pack icons are now shown in Stats -> Weapons, Loadout and in the maps list when creating a Mission
- Added expansion pack icons to the Server Browser filter

- You can no longer equip AA mines alongside Rocket Launchers in Loadout
- Fixed an issue where Service Stars wasn't shown in the Stats -> Weapons view
- Fixed an issue where the Soldier area in the menu couldn't be collapsed
- Fixed an issue where an error popup in Safari on iOS would show, when going to
- Fixed an issue where you could write empty comments for Missions
- Fixed an issue where the progress bar for Assignments in Suggestions didn't properly consider all criteria
- Ensured that completed assignments will properly show as completed
- Better handling when clicking certain notifications, so you go to the user's profile page instead of an empty feed event
- Fixed an issue where you could use the Track button for already tracked items
- Fixed issues with missing localizations on the Server Info page
- Fixed an issue in the Unified Game Manager, where the "Set as Active" button wasn't properly shown
- Fixed an issue with the campaign friends leaderboards not showing the right scores for specific levels
- Changes and tweaks to the Detailed Stats page, so it matches the categories on the web
- Fixed various issues with some of the links in the Help & About section
- Better handling of pages when using an account that doesn't own Battlefield 4
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Thread is locked.