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Trying to Joins Servers and says I am Banned

CA Enlisted: 2012-01-09
2015-09-05 04:16
I just installed the patch so I can play online after my friend told me I could do that. Now EVERY server I try to join it starts connecting and then says "BANNED FROM SERVER" without any reason. I was just wondering if this is a glitch or have I some how been banned from every server?

To be clear I have never hacked on this game, and in fact have only played it once or twice before now.
NL Enlisted: 2014-03-13
2015-09-05 19:36 , edited 2015-09-05 19:51 by emile44
well thats weird i own a server on bf1942 i will set to bf1942 maps join my server see if can join that my ban list is near empty so lets see you can
this is my server all mods server []
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.