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Revive Battlefield 2 Project

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2016-06-05 21:34
After the Gamespy shutdown, Battlefield 2 is brought back to life again by the community created [] - providing a new active online network, all files and patches, community forums and support. BF2 is also available for free download from this portal.

The forum mods and community are proactive in helping ironing out technical problems, including running BF2 on current OS platforms etc etc.
There are also tournaments and giveaways.

The community is growing with the addition of more servers and players online - e.g. have added six servers in the North America, South America, EU and Asia []

It is the current one-stop center for everything Battlefield 2.

This poll I made showed that Battlefield 2 is still in the hearts of many (feel free to vote if you haven't): []

BF2 is very much alive and the online community is growing at
Join the fun :)
Revive BF2 ->
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.