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Maintenance Origin

FR Enrôlé : 2011-10-27
2011-12-13 18:50 , modifié le 2011-12-13 18:55 par myrvogna
"ServerOrigin customers may experience some intermittent connectivity this afternoon due to an upstream network issue. Currently we have DDoS attacks/scans hitting infrastructure equipment that has caused us to revise some of our current network routing and security policies. These changes should go unnoticed for the most part however you may see a minute or two loss of connectivity at different periods throughout the afternoon as continuous changes are made to implement additional security measures and resolve possible routing vulnerabilities.

No customer data is at risk and there has been no breach of data or services. This is all due to specific DDoS attacks targeting critical network infrastructure which is either causing some intermittent routing or general degradation such as packet loss. The issue has been ongoing for nearly 48-hours now but the problem has now been identified and is being resolved. ServerOrigin currently has our entire support staff and all engineers working on this issue so ticket responses may see a short delay as we are working this as the absolute highest priority.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as we know this time of year is particularly important for all of our customers. We are working feverishly to get the issue resolved and to ensure the least amount of interruption occurs while the changes are being made. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We will up-hold any current Service Level Agreements and ensure all customers impacted receive credit for any downtime during this emergency change period.
Thanks so much,
SOC Engineering
ServerOrigin Communications, LLC."

"The issue has been ongoing for nearly 48-hours"

48 heures de maintenance. Voilà, c'est dit.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woySeSNBL3o [youtube.com]
I'm no hero. Never was, never will be.
FR Enrôlé : 2011-10-25
2011-12-13 19:21
48 heures de maintenance ???
RU Enrôlé : 2011-10-27
2011-12-13 19:22
O o

/¯/___________________________­_ ______________


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Enrôlé : 2011-10-27
2011-12-13 19:22
Aie !

Bon bah je vais étudier mes examens alors ! ^^
FR Enrôlé : 2011-10-27
2011-12-13 19:22
Quoi truc de dingue !!!!!!!
FR Enrôlé : 2011-10-26
2011-12-13 19:22
Une confirmation officielle?
FR Enrôlé : 2011-10-28
2011-12-13 19:22
O.M.G.A.D !
FR Enrôlé : 2011-10-28
2011-12-13 19:22
Ce que je comprend dans ce message ce n'est pas que la maintenance va durer encore 48 heures. C'est plutôt que l'équipe de maintenance du ystème Origin fait face à ce problème depuis 48 heures maintenant.

Il n'y a aucune indication sur la durée supposée de la maintenance.
FR Enrôlé : 2011-10-26
2011-12-13 19:23

nous n'avons pas d'information pour le moment.
Vous serez informés dès que nous aurons des nouvelles.
I'm back !
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