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Comment personnaliser son battlelog( PCchrome/fox)

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2012-04-23 15:51 , modifié le 2012-04-23 16:44 par Jack74r
Salut j'ai fait une petite vidéo commenté sur comment personnaliser son battelog .(Firefox et chrome)
J'aimerais bien que ma video tourne sur battlelog ou sur des autre site :S Peut être un jour ? Surtout qu'il n'y a pas de pub donc pas de gain .
Avec des plugins et des themes bref le lien YouTube :
Si vous avez un compte youtube aimez et abonne toi :D
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Be_TXA0xCfw [youtube.com]

C'est juste pour dire ceux qui ne savent pas qu'ont peut ajouter pleins de choses sur le battlelog
MAJ 1.7 News
La sauvegarde : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/823/dwm2012042317061781.jpg/ [imageshack.us]
Les themes : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/269/dwm2012042317070858.jpg/ [imageshack.us]

BBlog MAJ http://getbblog.com/fr/download [getbblog.com]

20.04.2012 - version 1.7
- hotfix multiple profiles non working bug in bblog
20.04.2012 - version 1.6
- fixed inline images
- fixed bf3stats weapon/vehicle integration for ps3 and xbox users
- fixed signature not appended when create a new thread
- fixed missing server informations (banner and server message)
- fixed wrong required count for nemesis medal (30 ribbons required instead of 50)
- added italian language
- added URL bbcode
- added feature that highlight your favorite servers in the server list (thx to Kristjan Lund)
- added more weapon statistics in weapon list (headshots, fired, hits)
- added more vehicle statistics in vehicle list (destroyed vehicles)
- added filter by groups for vehicles (as in weapon list already exist)
- added cloud storage for your bblog settings to easily keep your things synchronized
- added dogtags counter for taken/unlocked for better comparison between players
- added easy battlelog theme switch
- added bbcodes to new thread textarea
- updated all extended weapon information to POST patch data
- updated favorite link position in navi dropdown
28.03.2012 - version 1.5
- fixed some cutting text with youtube videos
- fixed youtube videos overlapping bottom bar and mod-tool menus
- fixed missing bipods for weapons which have bipods equipped by default
- fixed missing flashsuppressor for weapons which have FP equipped by default
- fixed some wrong weapon information (reload time, bullet speed, max. distance)
- fixed issue with some image links in forum posts if inline images enabled
- added rocket launchers to list of weapons
- added personal server filter sets
- added flame markers in forumlist and threadlist (if threadstarter is a flamer)
- added bind for enter key in text fields in server filter popup - triggers OK button (minor improvements)
- added czech language
- integrated bf3stats.com into better battlelog
- removed h2 and h3 bbcodes because of a massively overdose in posts, posts unreadable
07.03.2012 - version 1.4
- fixed link replacements in descriptions
- fixed youtube replacements in descriptions
- added option to open all links in posts in a new tab (board improvements)
- added server favorites link to multiplayer menu dropdown
- added bullet drop information (drop chart) to each weapon
- added ability to test signatures (preview)
- added goto top button at the bottom of each thread page
- added new bbcode "center"
- added server banner to server detail page
- added second slot for the weapon accuracy chart
- added button in weapon comparison table to hide/show marked weapons
- prepared support for battlelog themes
- removed "Signature =====" text before signure, looks cleaner and better
22.02.2012 - version 1.3
- fixed missing g18 and g18-suppressor in new pistol filter
- fixed russian language
- fixed some layout glitches with stylish dark-theme
- fixed youtube links in posts (not clickable)
- fixed wrong and misplaced weapon information
- added flame radar (block posts for specific users)
- added clickable links in descriptions (minor improvements option)
- added more clickable links to battlereports (stats, best weapon, awards)
- added many new languages
- added many more weapon information - specially new interactive plot and attachment impacts
- added board signature to extended options of board improvements
- merged inline youtube and extended weapon info option into minor improvements to save space
- changed weapon switch to be more structured
08.02.2012 - version 1.2
- added text when selection quote is not available
- added ttk and btk in weapon information
- added highly detailed weapon comparison table to weapon detail page
- added breadcrumps at the bottom of each thread page
- added seperate language picker for bblog to support languages that not in battlelog
- added option to disable auto-add favorites on reply
- added more weapon filters (pdw, pistols, shotguns) to weapon statistics overview page - fixed displaced award ribbons/medals
- fixed issue with auto update filter in popups
- fixed wrong unit for weapon damage (points instead of percent)
- fixed issue with large images in platoon image upload
- fixed issue with inline youtube videos not shown
- optimized some bblog layouts for nicer use with the battlelog dark-theme (thx @ Petr Jurik)
- optimized sight videos to only show available sights for a weapon
- minimized add to favorites button in thread pages
- removed wrong weapon info for pistols with suppressor (not available)
- removed percentage in awards tooltips
- removed offline user counter because battlelog integrated it in the last update (double numbers)
25.01.2012 - version 1.1
- rewrite of translation engine
- fixed contextmenu bugs with selection over multiple lines
- added option to enable delayed context menu
- added favorite threads list
- added autosave server filters
- added some award improvements
- added inline images in forum posts
- added some award improvements
- added platoon image upload
- added sight videos to weapon details (goody)
11.01.2012 - version 1.0
- many general improvements - more flexible options
- fixed many weapon details for pistols
- fix for inline youtube videos
- added bbcode support in board edit formular
- added selection quote
- chat input fix (during type the entered text is cleared)
- fix: jump to last post make it impossible to go back to prev. site with browser buttons
04.01.2012 - version 0.97
- added contextmenu
- improvements trough all parts of addon
- added board improvement to resort a search result
- fixed minor bugs on several pages
01.01.2012 - version 0.96
- fixed storage bug in chrome
- improved translations
- added minor board links fix (anchors now work in links)
- fixed wrong weapon information for pp-19
- fixed minor bugs with toggle in offline users and serverfilter
30.12.2011 - version 0.95
- added chrome support
- improved serverradar
- added serverfilter toggle fix
- simplified update process - be now more straight and transparent
- added serverradar
- huge userradar improvements
- added auto addon update via firefox addon manager
- minor addon bugfixes
- minor layout improvements
- added accuracy plots to weapons
- fixed some minor layout issues
- merged forumsearch into minor bugfixes option
- added com center offline user fix to minor bugfixes
- complete rewrite of storage engine, 30% speed improvements
- added userradar
- new built for firefox 9 and 10
- added goto last post icon
- added a few board improvements
- added update and news notifications
- open beta release
- integrated weapondatabase from symthic.com

- first working dev version
- idea of this addon was born
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2012-04-24 09:13
Installer sans probleme , merci pour ton partage ;)
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2012-04-24 09:27
Toi aussi dès que tu ouvres Battlelog tu vois "RaPiiDe a reçu une nouvelle récompense"

Dans l'ensemble bonne vidéo, tu m'apprends rien mais à ceux qui n'osent pas installer les plug-in voient au moins le résultat !
Edouard Khil : 4/09/1934 - 4/06/2012 R.I.P. Master
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2012-04-24 17:57
KoBeWoNe said:
Toi aussi dès que tu ouvres Battlelog tu vois "RaPiiDe a reçu une nouvelle récompense"
Ouai mdr
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2012-04-24 18:01 , modifié le 2012-04-24 18:02 par KhaosHammer_BF

Merci de continuer sur ce sujet [battlelog.battlefield.com].

Même titre, même contenu, même auteur.

Je vous suggère de remonter votre ancien topic au lieu d'en recréer un. :)

Bonne fin de journée. ;)
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