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=BBUK= is a worldwide multi gaming community and we are constantly making friends with other clans, we pride ourselves on our game play, we play hard but fair.

Anything and everything that is =BBUK= is covered on the forums, please have a look round and why not even say hello.
The forums are divided into several sections and can be easily accessed.
There is even an Arcade and Casino.

joining our platoon does not mean you can use =BBUK= tag in the game. =BBUK= is reserved for full clan (not platoon) members


Join us on teamspeak

And remember its only a game so have fun ;-)

BBUK Scrolling Rules
•NO poor game play (TKing, blowing up own vehicles, intentional ramming ETC)
•Watch your language, respect your fellow gamers! *** TDM
•Racism will earn you an INSTANT BAN! *** TDM
•Please chat in English only
•NO attacking the uncap unless fired upon from there first (YOU WILL THEN BE A TARGET)
•NO RPG’s on infantry in CLOSE combat!
•NO stat padding
•WAIT in line for vehicles (where possible)
•Suspect a cheater?, Check their stats via Battlelog and report them on our forums. Link is on our Platoon *** TDM
•BBUK promote teamwork, please join squads you may be kicked if you don't join a squad
•We do kick to make room for admins/friends on Teamspeak. Apologies.
•Keep complaints to our forum, not the server chat.
•URL: www.bodybags-uk.net/forum or Search Platoon BBUK

(*** = TDM Rules!)

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