Dog Soldiers
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_________________________________FEROCITY IS VICTORY____________________________________

Dog Soldiers is a platoon where people can just chill out and play some Battlefield 3. We play to win most of the time, and we're a force to be reckoned with once we hit our stride. Despite our competitive nature, we still love to goof around and crack wise on the mic while we play. We're not pompous try-hards, but we do enjoy winning.

Feel free to apply anytime, we're always looking for more players to squad up with.

_______________________________[PLATOON REQUIREMENTS]__________________________________

- Must have a good time
- Must be a team player and cooperate with teammates
- Must be respectful to other members
- Must try to wear the [DogS] tag while playing with us
- Must not lose your mind if you cannot join a squad that already has four Dog Soldiers members

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