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We are a dedicated group of players who love to play battlefield. We team up daily to destroy the competition and anybody who stands in the way of us winning. We play all game modes and are a friendly group of players and nobody gets left out.
1.Be friendly with other members in the platoon!
2.Must have at least a .90k/d ratio( you will not be kicked if you go under)
3.Must speak English
4.Wear our clan tag AcE (some exceptions)
5.No advertising of other platoons doing so will result in removal.
1.Great friendly/competitive environment
2.Gain new friends who are good and love to play battlefield
3.Get better at the game and win more
Anybody can apply.Show ur appreciation by fanning our platoon and spreading the word about our platoon!! Anybody can recruit players and either me or another leader will accept them.

We don't hide from battle.

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