101stAirborne Division
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The 101st Airborne Division—the "Screaming Eagles"[1]—is a U.S. Army modular light infantry division trained for air assault operations. During World War II, it was renowned for its role in Operation "Overlord," the D-Day landings on 6 June 1944, in Normandy, France, Operation "Market Garden," the liberation of Holland and action during the "Battle of the Bulge" around the city of Bastogne, Belgium. During the Vietnam War, the 101st Airborne Division fought in several major campaigns and battles including the fight for "Hamburger Hill" in May 1969. Upon its arrival in Vietnam in 1965 (1st Brigade), followed by the 2nd and 3rd brigades in 1968), the division was an airborne unit. In mid-1968 it was reorganized and redesignated as an airmobile division, then in 1974 as an air assault division. Both of these titles reflect the fact that the division went from airplanes as the primary method of delivering troops into combat, to the use of helicopters as the way the division entered battle. Many modern members of the 101st are graduates of the U.S. Army Air Assault School and wear the Air Assault Badge. Although not a prerequisite for assignment to the division, the badge is a requirement for holding a leadership position. Division headquarters is at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. In recent years, the division has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The division is one of the most highly decorated units in the U.S. Army and has been featured prominently in military fiction since its first deployment.

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