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We have narrowed it down to 12. However near the end of every month we will be accepting applications for entry. We will add 4 people per month after that. SQUAD STATS!!! 18+ only (this is to cut back on the annoying 12 year kid syndrom that Call of Duty had)

--This is the *XBOX Tactical Squad. We are a proformance based division of the *XBOX Platoon. This is the ELITE of those who have applied. Only 12 of you have made it so far. However membership is Based on the players Stats and attendance (frequancy of play). The last 5 days of every month we will be taking new applications. Only 4 will make the cut. This is the elite of performance based members. If you want in.... be a team player (BE A GREAT TEAM PLAYER)

--Thursdays Meet and Greet went well. Thanks to every one who attended. And I am sorry I was on and off last night, I had to watch my daughter. My wife wasnt feeling well.

Alpha Bravo
Recon A------ Recon------
Recon B------ Engineer---
Assault A-----Epzo12345 Assault-----
Assault B----- Support----
Support A-----Bo0ndock5aint
Support B-----
Engineer A---Tw738
Engineer B---
Heli Pilot----Epzo12345
Door Gunner-


--Despite the narrowing down process I mentioned above all of the people In the following list are in the November contest.
---November Contest---

--I have taken a snap shot of these peoples squad stats as of 12:52 A.M. on November 1st. On November 30 I will compare the stats against these snap shots and whomever has the greatest increase in numbers will recieve 10 dollars worth of MS Points. I will purchase it through gamestops ** website, they will give me a redeemable code (through xbl marketplace) I will announce the winner on the feed and then give him the code via private chat.


SQUAD GAMER TAGS (I'll be updating this later)
Battlelog Gamer Tag
--knighthawk22-----------Shamurai 11
--Newbort1----------------Tactical VI
--shepherd3006----------xops 13
--Popyourmelon---------pop your melon
--KILRDJ-------------------KILR DJ
--Please post your gamer tags so I can put them up here

Airassault operations basic outline.
Map: Operation Firestorm
Control point: <B>
Plan: AA Squad will get into the black hawk. Ride to CP Bravo (also know as the warehouses) The pilot will Land on one of the roof tops over looking CP Bravo. It will only stay landed for a second so one of each kit needs to hop out as soon as you can. The Black Hawk will then repeat that proccess on the roof top across the other side of CP Bravo. This will enable a full 360 Degree perimeter of security. Recon will keep CP Bravo clear of enemy personnel. Meanwhile the Blackhawk will be picking up Bravo squad and returning to CP Bravo. Assault and support will watch recons back and provide ammo health and revives. (it is important for at least one assault person to STAY ALIVE) The Blackhawk will be hovering high above CP Bravo, Bravo squad will then parachute out and land in the area to capture CP Bavo. The chopper will shuttle members to repeat this while the roof top team provide overwatch. everyone else will be moving as a close knit team and controlling the other points. Remember this is a basic outline and will work in other situations....

--Please write more mission based ideas on my wall.

* XBOX Tactical Squad is a division of XBOX Platoon and is not officially affiliated with Microsoft or related parties.
**XBOX Tactical Squad is not officially offiliated or endorsed by GAMESTOP or related parties

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