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*The Reason Why I Created Wolfpack is the following :
1- I'm Tired Of Playing With Inexperienced Players In My Squad And On Battlefield.
2- It's Better To Play With Friends And People You Know, Because It's More Entertaining

*There Was No Requirements In Order To Join Wolfpack, That Rule Has Change.
*Giving People That Don't Meet Minimum Requierement a Week To Achieve Them.

Requierements To Join Wolfpack :
1- Have Over 15 Hours Of Gameplay ( There Is a Reason For This )
2- K/D Ratio Should Be Over 1.5 ( Don't Apply If You Got More Death's Than Kills )
3- W/L Ratio Does Not Matter, But It Would Be Good If It Was Over 1.5 ( Not Requiered )
4- Must Have A Mic To Communicate & Be Active ( In Other Words, Don't Stop Playing For a Long Time )
5- Mature Player's Only.. No Age Requierement
6- Most Important rule : Play To Win The Game, Not For The Stats (Teamwork Is Neccessary )

*Please Don't Ask Me To Promote You To a Leader.
I Will Judge Who Is Capable Of Becoming a Good Leader/Based On How You Play.

*Remember To Become a Fan Of Wolfpack !
*Please Check The Platoon's Feed Constantly & Write On It !
*See You In The Battlefield ;)

*All Members Must Register And Fill The Recruitment Form
*Want To Join Wolfpack, Then You Must Register In The Website & Fill Recruitment Form First.

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."

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