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BF3 Platoon that welcomes all South Africans that play BF3 on consoles and PC.

Please know that boosters and cheaters are not welcome.
And please do not be tempted to boost.
It is easy to identify that a player has boosted and they will get reported to DICE.

Remember to change your clan tag.
1)Click on your username at the top of the screen(username with avatar pic)
2)Then click on "edit profile" on the next page
3)Then under the heading "soldier settings"(next to dog tags) type "RSA"
4)Then scroll down and click "save".

I thought it would be best for this platoon to be used as a general gathering place for South Africans instead of an active platoon. Feel free to start up local only clans and "advertise" them on here, if you like. If you are a Founder/Leader of a a South African platoon, please do tell your members about this platoon.

Seems like we hit the max amount of members allowed in a Platoon, everybody. Sorry to those of you who did send a request and did not get in. If you would still like to join, keep the requests coming, if somebody leaves, I'll add new recruits to replace them.

Do "Fan" us even if you are not apart of the Platoon itself.

BF4 Platoon "South Africa" will be founded by user "Kazuya_Jin_ZA" be sure to send a request to join the new "South Africa" platoon. BF4 platoons are now "platform agnostic" meaning that no matter what console or pc you are using, you are still eligible to join a platoon, previously, this was not possible.

Copy and paste this URL to get to the new "South Africa" page for BF4:

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