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Dirty Old Bastards | 18+ FPS Clan

The Dirty Old Bastards [DOB] are a group of mature - for the most part - adult gamers that uphold
values that seem to be disregarded by many gaming communities these days: Loyalty, Team Wo-
rk & Respect. It isn't that we don't value a persons skill - in fact we put a high premium on it - it's
that we believe the relationships established within our community outweigh the trouble an indivi-
dual with an immense amount of skill and no social skills will bring.

First and foremost we're looking for people that game and have fun doing so without the use of
racial epithets or childish exchanges meant to bring someone down. Someone that's interested
in playing the different game modes for what they are and not simply concerned about their own
kill streak or ratio, that's willing to go negative to get the objective complete.

We have much to offer our members:
- Community events such as tournaments and raffles.
- Active forums and game lobbies.
- Professionally laid out website giving everything a gamer needs at their fingertips.
- Social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
- FraggedNation teams for competitive players.
- Ranks and awards for members.
- DOB merchandise for the avid clan member.

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