Military Ghost Squad
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Military Ghost Squad is reporting 4 duty.

Military Simulation

Click on apply if u want to join us.

I dont ask much just:

- Wear our Clan Tag (MGS)

- Hardcore Conquest Only!

- Dont act like a random, KNOW UR ROLE!

- Use your radar (Mini-Map)

- Use Select Button (for example: Always spot enemy targets when u have em in sight, ask for ammo, health, a pick up)

- Tactical teamplayers only (dont even need to have a mic, as long as u can hear us.

And know how to use 'select' button in a effective way).

- No teamkills !

- Keep checking the Platoon page for updates

- Enjoy your stay

Meet us @ the battlefield!!

Time Zones:

CET (Central European Time) = My timezone

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) = 1 hour earlier

Times Zones USA:

Eastern = 6 hours earlier

Central = 7 hours earlier

Mountain = 8 hours earlier

Pacific = 9 hours earlier

Mission Briefing:

Assault: Assaulting objectives and providing support for other frontline soldiers. Also keeps the Squad alive.

Engineer: Taking out enemy vehicles, blowing holes in cover, fix up friendly vehicles.

Support: Laying down suppressing fire to alow other soldiers to move up, also keeps his Ghosts going with a full mag.

Scout: Is mostly in an Overwatch position. Provides support from a distance by sniping and spotting enemy's. Also places the Spawn beacon on a good spot for the rest of the Squad, so they can secure the objective.

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