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What Special Operations Task Group is about:

Specialized Training and Implementation of Real-Life Tactics
A taste of what you will be learning:

Helicopter Pilots & Gunners - Becoming an expert on effectively taking out ground/air targets: advanced-communication with gunner, coordinated attack/defense, maneuvers, aerial-recon..

Land vehicles -

Tanks - Becoming a supreme operator on maneuvering, spotting, effective flanking, coordinated-communication with air vehicles.

IFV - Effective assaulting, flanking, providing vehicular support for infantry.

Infantry -

- Clearing a room
- Clearing a corridor
- Basic assault techniques
- Suppressing fire
- Diversions
- Taking the Objectives

This and more will be learned throughout your time in S.O.T.G.
We are not looking for KDR's!

We are looking for people with:
1. Patience
2. Working in a squad
3. High spirits
4. Good Sense of Direction

Requirements on becoming part of S.O.T.G.:
1. Must have Mic.
2. Must be over the age of 16.
3. Must have Premium/Expansions of BF3
4. Must be fine with taking orders at times.
5. Must remember its not always getting the best score.
More Information coming soon!


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