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5th Marine Corps gaming community currently being established. We are in need of a few marines to help get things rolling and off to a good start. We are Rank Based Clan and we need active members to view the forums and post weekly. We also have Meetings every Friday 8pm/ Central

Some of our goals for the future include; effectively creating a professional and fun environment for players of various skill levels to compete; host community based events on a monthly basis such as realistic campaign matches created by our event staff and fun matches restricted to certain classes, weapons, and vehicles. We will also be purchasing our own servers at a later date among other purchases as we grow and require them.

If you have experience in squad leadership, recruitment, event coordination, website design, graphics, and / or anything else you feel we may need, or if you just wish to join and increase our member base please leave a post below with any relevant information, your gamer tag, and a convenient way to contact you. You may also visit our website listed below and leave a message in the contact box located at the bottom of our home page with your information as well.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here. I will be checking back regularly to answer them.


5th Marine Corps
Leader: danbruler
Leader: TG Wild Brad
Website - http://5thmarinecorps.hostzi.com

Captain: (acting Captain - General PTRS SAMMICH CC)
1st Lieutenant: (acting 1st Lieutenant - General TG Wild Brad)

1st Platoon

1st Lieutenant:
2nd Lieutenant:

Squad: 2nd Marines

Motto: Follow Me!

Squad Leader: m16greengecko
Squad Asst. xMitchx7

Fire-Team Delta

MSgt- M16greengecko (Leader)
Sgt- xSHREDED SCOPEx (Marine)
Pvt- EmployedTyphoon (Marine)
RCT- Sungram (Marine)

Fire-Team Echo

SSgt- xMitchx7 (Leader)
Pvt- theblackknights (Marine)
Pvt- razorjs (Marine)
Fire-Team Foxtrot

Leader: [SGT]sausagebuffet (Assault / Support)
Marine: [PVT]igotric3 (Infantry)
Marine: [PVT]Dogor76 (Infantry)

Squad: 3rd Marines


Squad Leader:

Fire-Team Golf

Leader: [WO] GalloInfligo

Fire-Team Hotel


Fire-Team India


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