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Last medal of BF3 belongs to AMLB. Only after becoming a Fully Decorated soldier by acheiving all 50 original medals (based on the original requirements) plus the 5 most recent DLC medals will you be accepted. Be proud and aspire to joining one of BF3's most elite platoons and getting the last and final beast medal of BF3 the AMLB medal.
AMLB Requirements:

1) RU Army Service Medal:Spend 100 hours in the RU (Russian) Army.
2) US Army Service Medal: Spend 100 hours in the US (American) Army.
3) Assault Service Medal: Spend 50 hours as Assault.
4) Support Service Medal: Spend 50 hours as Support.
5) Engineer Service Medal: Spend 50 hours as Engineer.
6) Recon Service Medal: Spend 50 hours as Recon.

7) Flag Defender Medal: Obtain the Flag Defender Ribbon 50 times.
8) Flag Attacker Medal: Obtain the Flag Attacker Ribbon 50 times.
9) Squad Deathmatch Medal: Obtain the Squad Deathmatch Winner Ribbon 50 times.
10) Team Deathmatch Medal: Obtain the Team Deathmatch Winner Ribbon 50 times.
11) Squad Rush Medal: Obtain the Squad Rush Winner Ribbon 50 times.
12) M-COM Attacker Medal: Obtain the M-COM Attacker Ribbon 30 times.
13) M-COM Defender Medal: Obtain the M-COM Defender Ribbon 50 times.
14) Rush Medal: Obtain the Rush Winner Ribbon 50 times.
15) Conquest Medal: Obtain the Conquest Ribbon 50 times.

16) Assault Rifle Medal: Obtain the Assault Rifle Ribbon 50 times.
17) Light Machine Gun Medal: Obtain the Light Machine Gun Ribbon 50 times.
18) Carbine Medal: Obtain the Carbine Ribbon 50 times.
19) Handgun Medal: Obtain the Handgun Ribbon 50 times.
20) Sniper Rifle Medal: Obtain the Sniper Rifle Ribbon 50 times.
21) Shotgun Medal: Obtain the Shotgun Ribbon 50 times.
22) PDW Medal: Obtain the Person Defense Weapon Ribbon 50 times.
23) Melee Medal: Obtain the Melee Ribbon 30 times.
24) Combat Efficiency Medal: Obtain the Combat Efficiency Ribbon 30 Times.
25) Avenger Medal: Obtain the Avenger Ribbon 50 times.
26) Accuracy Medal: Obtain the Accuracy Ribbon 50 times.
27) Nemesis Medal: Obtain the Nemesis Ribbon 50 times.
28) Savior Medal: Obtain the Savior Ribbon 50 times.
29) Suppression Medal: Obtain the Suppression Ribbon 50 times.
30) Medical Medal: Obtain the Medical Ribbon 50 times.
31) Maintenance Medal: Obtain the Maintenance Ribbon 50 times.
32) Resupply Medal: Obtain the Resupply Ribbon 50 times.
33) Radio Beacon Medal: Get 100 Spawns on your Radio Beacon.
34) Claymore Medal: Kill 300 enemies with the Claymore.
35) Laser Designator Medal : 300 Kill Assists with the Laser Designator.
36) Mortar Medal: Kill 300 enemies with the Mortar.
37) Ace Squad Medal: Obtain the Ace Squad Ribbon 50 times.
38) MVP Medal: Obtain the MVP Ribbon 50 times.
39) 2nd MVP Medal: Obtain the 2nd MVP Ribbon 50 times.
40) 3rd MVP Medal: Obtain the 3rd MVP Ribbon 50 Times.

41) Tank Service Medal: Spend 20 hours in Tanks.
42) Stationary Service Medal: Spend 10 hours in Stationary Weapons.
43) Helicopter Service Medal: Spend 20 hours in Helicopters.
44) Jet Service Medal: Spend 20 hours in Jets.
45) Transport Warfare Medal: Obtain the Transport Warfare Ribbon 30 times.
46) Ground Warfare Medal: Obtain the Ground Warfare Ribbon 30 times.
47) Air Warfare Medal: Obtain the Air Warfare Ribbon 30 times.
48) Stationary Emplacement Medal: Obtain the Stationary Emplacement Ribbon 30 times.
49) Surveillance Medal: Obtain the Surveillance Ribbon 50 times.
50) Anti Vehicle Medal: Obtain the Anti Vehicle Ribbon 50 times.

51) Gunmaster Medal: Obtain the Gunmaster Winner Ribbon 50 times
52) Tank Superiority: Obtain the Tank Superiority Winner Ribbon 50 times
53) Domination Medal: Obtain the Domination Winner Ribbon 50 times
54) Scavenger Medal: Obtain the Scavenger Winner Ribbon 50 times
55) TDMCQ Medal: Obtain the Team Death Match 16 Players Winner Ribbon 50 times

Terms of application: All requirements above must be acheived at point of application and evidence of so must be presented. Take a look at your ribbons as Medals are based on original requirements. Boosters need not apply. 8D

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