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This is our training division of Allegiance of Arms. Although this is the starting point for many in our clan, members here are extremely key to our growth. Use this opportunity in this division of the platoon to increase your skills on the battlefield, gain contact with your soon to be fellow teammates and divisionmates, and to fully understand our structure.. In doing so whenever you have completed the following requirements you will be ready for further advancement within this organization.

1.)Remain with our clan for thirty (30) days.
2.)Remain an ACTIVE member.
3.)Increase your K/D to 1.0
4.)Increase your SPM to 350
5.)Be setup for facebook and our email system.
6.)Change and KEEP your psn comment to "AoA, Team, Division." Replacing "Team" and "Division" with your respective placement. This will help the leaders more than you could ever imagine as well as aid in keeping you including in events.

If you feel that you have achieved the above please DO express this to the division leader or team leader you wish to report to or even myself. The academy portion is essential to our strong growth and loyality.

Airborne Unit:
Infiltration Unit:
Armored Unit:


The following are two lists of requirements for all new recruits to fulfill in order to become
and maintain a membership status with Allegiance of Arms.
(5/5 Required)
Mandatory Requirements:

1.) Maintain an average of at least 15 hours per week of gameplay with our clan.
2.) Must have a microphone for their Playstation 3 system.
3.) Must attend our monthly member meeting.
4.) Must be at least sixteen (16) years of age or older.
5.)You CANNOT be a part of Allegiance of Arms as well as another clan.

(2/5 Required) Any two of the 5)
Optional Requirements:

1.) Gameplay time in excess of 100 hours.
2.) Proven ability to work as a part of an orchestrated squad.
3.) Player is eighteen (18) years of age or older.
4.) A specific need is at hand for that particular player because of their specialization.
5.) Individual possesses an aspiring attitude, learning mentality and is willing to follow orders handed down and learn to play at a higher level.

Member of the Month Requirements

The following is a list of requirements that MUST be fulfilled in order to qualify for becoming member of the Month. In the event that there is a tie and more than one person has completed all requirements for Member of the Month a showdown of sorts will be held in order to break the tie.

1.) Must remain USEFULLY active on battlelog.
2.) Must participate in at least one (1) training per week for four (4) weeks.
3.) Must recruit 5 new members in clan in previous 30 day period.
4.) Must attend at least one (1) clan versus clan scrimmage in previous 30 day period.
5.) Must submit at least ten (10) photos to our gallery in previous 30 day period.
6.) Must be signed up for ALL sites that our clan participates in.
7.)Must have clan placement.
8.)Must follow ALL rules and regulations within our platoon, including comments and status.

As long as all of the above conditions are met you will qualify for member of the month. Again, this means that if more than one individual has done the same a custom tiebreaker will ensue to determine the clear cut winner. Good luck and Game on!

[Platoon Wide Weapon Rules]

This entire clan runs with a few simple weapon rules. In the better interest of not giving away your teammates position, please abide by these simple rules.
Everything below will greatly help your fellow teammates. Please do your part.

1.)No Glitching (MANDATORY)
2.)No Boosting (MANDATORY)
3.)No Cheating (MANDATORY)
4.)Always play your designated role.(MANDATORY)
5.)No Tactical Light (Scrim Optional)
6.)No Laser Sights (Scrim Optional)
7.)No Teabaging (Scrim Mandatory)
8.)Always use a suppressor. (Scrim Optional)

[MISC Info]
We currently want a maximum of [3] allied clans in our rotation. We have 1 spot left available for this.
[ONLY platoon founders contact Dante2061Jackson regarding allied clans]




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    Z3R0Blu3 Hey evil im here, Wow i missed alot
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    Ok so here is my short and sweet. I will be back. AoA will be on BF4. Battlefield 3 as a whole might not be a dead game, but it is two years old. I put a hell of a lot into this clan including my own personal time and money. For the last 6 months of this clan myself and the leaders I appointed more than tried. When 20 guys were ready to fight, 80 were missing in action. I'd spend weeks up to a battle and the entire day of planning. I had some personal issues going on in my life that needed to be dealt with and the only ones who knew were the ones I really knew. Then, just like last year from March til May I WILL be on Tiger Woods. I'm also registered on Virgin Mobile Gaming on it. This is temporary, but if any of you would like to know what I do with my time, I am LITERALLY the king of golf. Point of all this. The clans that are left playing this, are out of our league, because even when I or anyone attempted to prepare us, not enough would take it seriously.
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    Z3R0Blu3 See ya soon
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    AlmightyServ Thanks mate, best of luck!
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    To all AoA members, I thank you all for being such great teammates and friends. As life goes on though, people tend to move on, and right now, it is my turn to move on. I've decided to follow a path separate from AoA, and bring back my old clan from the ashes. This has been a home for me for almost a year now, and I thank everybody for making it so welcoming. This does not mean that I will cut contact with everyone, as I will be here for everybody whenever you need me. Thank you everyone, and see you on the battlefield.
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    i may be away for a couple days because i am really sick... hope you guys can understand
    PolishProdigy52 get better soon!!! :)
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    MVC_PVT_Razor thank i had strip throat
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