The Red Ribbon Army
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The Red Ribbon Army are experts with a knife and feel at home behind enemy lines. Once behind the enemy the RRA do 1of 2things, follow the enemy and try and scout his friends then go 4the easy kills from behind! Or follow knife and teabag! Mopping up the fight is what we do best, wait 4the right moment and clean that shit up!! If running away is what it takes 2survive then so be it.If you get killed and ur killer has his tent out, you must hunt down knife and teabag!Requirements 4entry:
1: Must have over 100 kills with the knife
Out of this next list the player must have done at least 4 out of the six.
Old schools two options:
1: have 500kills in 1of the tanks.
2: have a longest headshot of 370.
Jiminit two options:
3: have 1500 spot assists or more

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