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Oceanic Armour Aces http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241293895843/

Oceanic Armour Aces aims to group the very best armor players in Oceania (and occasionally from around the world) together into the one community, so that the knowledge gained from our experience can be shared among worthy friends to practice, and perfect. If you need a repairer,gunner or to roll with another tanker, this is the place to look.

We are now accepting Tank,AA,IFV players. Applicants note that you will generally be required to have at least 1000 kills in any 1 single vehicle (not combined) to be accepted as of now. However, as we are predominantly a tank platoon, players who vehicle in AA,IFV's exclusively are also encouraged to apply. If your application gets denied, it's because you didn't meet the entry criteria.

There will be an official website and a server will be up when the xpansion pack Battlefield 3: Armored Kill. Featuring all-out vehicle warfare with new tanks, ATV's, and mobile artillery is out.

Our Server is up in conjunction with the AIM clan that I and a few other fellow members belong to feel free to join.

World Leader Board based on platoon members Where are you?


#155 - m3n7aL

#265 - tco10

##311 - Mauler

#300 - Skullkollekta

#515 - shurgdashurg

#677 - XiaorRulez


#54 - shurgdashurg

#80 - Andrew_p0w3r92

#430 - XiaorRulez

#562 - tco10

Tank Destroyer



#853 - SkullKollekta

If any of you guys are on the world rankings and want me to add you to them if I havent already let me know

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