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TO ALL MEMBERS, we have just added a code of conduct to this presentation. Become familiar with these rules so you know how to act on the battlefield and uphold Kompany 008's good reputation.

ALL NEW MEMBERS, please send a friend invite to one of the platoon leaders listed below so that we easily integrate you into the platoon.

Agent Eggroll

We have our own Platoon Server called KOMPANY008 don't forget to add it to your Favorites

We also have a forum: http://www.kompany008.com

Kompany 008 is for serious PTFO'ers to group up and find people to squad with. Do not join this platoon if you do not PTFO or you're not willing to meet new people.


1) No spawn trapping, base raping, vehicle stealing (unless it is left unsupervised outside of their spawn), t-bagging, cheap tactics (such as ramming with jets) or unsportsmanlike behavior.
2) Respect everyone: 008 members, leaders, but most especially others.
3) Absolutely no racism, bullying or discrimination.
4) When in team voice chat, remember, the whole team can hear you, don’t give 008 a bad name.
5) Don’t talk over one another.
6) When taking another platoon member’s dogtags, don’t gloat or be overly vicious.
7) Don’t rage too much , a small amount is understandable, but when it’s excessive there’s an issue. If someone tells you to calm it down, do it.
8) If a server description includes rules, respect them, even if you don’t agree with them.
9) Try to take the high road even if being mistreated by other players or admins.
10) Don’t abuse admin powers if you have them. With great power comes great responsibility.

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