Rest In Pieces
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R.I.P. is an objectives focused platoon. Our members are focused on Win/Loss ratio not KDR. If you enjoy playing BF3 as it was intended to be played, this is the platoon for you! RIP soldiers play TOGETHER as a TEAM, play the objectives, play to win and most importantly play to have fun. If you are more concerned with individual stats, camping, waiting in the spawn for a vehicle or run as a "lone wolf" then look for another platoon.

Boilerup - "above statement is foundation of RIP"
jYoung (leader) - "I agree 100%"
hideki_usagi - "I concur"

Leaders of this platoon met back in the KillZone2 days and have stuck together ever since. We don't recruit based on your stats alone. There are no minimum KDR requirements. We add soldiers based on their communication skills, team play and a personality that fits the platoon.

1) RIP - Original Platoon - soldier requirements listed below
2) RIPv - Rest In Pieces veterans (leaders of the platoon)

1) must use mic to effectively communicate with teammates
3) be respectful towards fellow platoon members
4) follow the directions of your squad leader
5) keep RAGING to a minimum
6) conduct self in a mature manner on & off the battlefield.
7) access battlelog & platoon page once or more a week
8) must be over the age of 18
9) wear RIP CLAN TAG when playing with clan*

* EXCEPTION can be made by founder prior to changing clan tag. If you change your clan tag to another platoons tag without speaking to founder it will be assumed that you have left RIP and you will be removed from platoon.

1) Assemble & organize squad prior to entering battle
2) Spawn IMMEDIATELY when battle begins
3) Communicate & direct squad to assigned tactical objectives
4) Adjust squad perk assignments & soldiers as needed
5) Follow platoon leader directions


New soldiers have a 30 DAY probationary period. Leaders will collectively decide whether or not the member is "RIP worthy" The new soldiers need to join games with RIP leaders to prove themselves on the battlefield. They need 3 or more leaders to give them a hooah to become a permanent member.


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