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■ United Kingdom Order was established in 2003 on PC by Tron151. After many successful years of gaming on various FPS's and MMORPG's (notably Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising and Guild Wars) BlackUKO made the move to PS3 in 2012 to start a new chapter in UKO's history. We are a fun community of mature gamers. We play competive games and just casual. We will be continuing this clan on Battlefield 4!

■ Founder: BlackUKO
■ UKO Leader: Dalen6969
■■ Chief of Staffs: TheDuffmanOhYeah
■■■ Chief of Squads: Sharman (Level 5 Laser Lotus)
■■■ Chief of Tactics: to fill filled
■■■ Chief of Recruitment: KillerKrackz
■■■ Chief of Relations: to be filled
■■■ Squad Leader: Greenie
■■■■ Honorary Members: Like-a_Bawse_UKO

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ THE UKO STRUCTURE▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


■ The United Kingdom Order Server:


■ The United Kingdom Order Recruitment Thread:

Then if you need help add any leader, we will help you get in.

Please bump the link daily!


Poker Night's
Every Monday at 7pm
In the UKO Clubhouse on PS Home

■ Matches


UKO Tournament
Date TBC
1. Pistols Only
2. Bolt Action Sniper Rifles Only
3. Pump Action Shotguns Only
4. RPG/SMAW's Only
5. Knife Only
6. Defibs Only
7. EOD Bot Race
8. MAV Race
9. 4 v 4 Boat Battle
10. 6 v 6 Transport Chopper Battle
Players: TheDuffmanOhYeah (and Judge 1), Sharman, DcfcDeano, , Holly, KillerKracks, Josh, aaronrocks, Buck, Dalen6969, UKX1, UnknownVictim

■ Current UKO Champions!
Pistol Champion - GamerJN
Sniper Champion - GamerJN
RPG Champion - GamerJN
Shotgun Champion - GamerJN
M320 Champion - GamerJN
USAS Champion - DcfcDeano91
C4 Champion - GamerJN
Knife Champion - TheDuffmanOhYeah
Defib Champion - Devilbullets
Repair Tool Champion - TheDuffmanOhYeah

■ Current Poker Champion:

■ Current UKO Records!
Top Score: dalen6969 - 60,686,700
Highest Playtime: dalen6969 - 1,779 hrs
Most Kills: alank878 - 76,851
Top Score per Minute: - jenttuhenttu - 835
Best K/D: GamerJN- 2.39
Best Accuracy: jenttuhenttu - 20%
Highest Killstreak: Like-a_bawse - 45
Most Knife Kills: dalen6969 - 2,324
Most Knife Kills in one match: i-ShArMaN-i - 47
Longest Headshot: Hollyh88 - 1,330m
Most Tank Kills: Like-a_bawse_ - 8,100
Most IFV Kills: Like-a_bawse_ - 4,600
Most AA Kills: Like-a_bawse - 640
Most Attack Chopper Kills: TimmyTheTank - 46,000
Most Scout Chopper Kills: theDuffmanOhYeah - 2,857
Most Jet Kills: alank878 - 6,513

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