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The Intent is to run a Fair and Equitable Server for Everyone.
If your actions have an adverse affect on the Server,
You will be Removed.

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  • CDN_Christine a écrit sur le mur de la section -WalkInDead- :
    sooo when you randomly come back a few years later... where do you go to play gunmaster?? :D HI too!!
    AXMarine Well hell, missed you being around...Happy New Year...GMH on BF4
    il y a 9 ans
    CDN_Christine Just been a few years! :) missed you too! Happy new years!
    il y a 9 ans
  • DarthSledge a écrit sur le mur de la section -WalkInDead- :
    Hey guys, is the walkindead server shut down for good? I hop in like once a year to see old friends. If not, where's a good server to go to?
    drkilljoy85 yes it is dead its been dead for over a year now but i did find another gunmaster server but its not a usa server https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/pc/b34dd980-89cb-4c3f-8341-305dfbd94dbd/JAH-Warriors-05-Z...
    il y a 9 ans
    DarthSledge Thank you!
    il y a 9 ans
  • keyokey a écrit sur le mur de la section -WalkInDead- :
    WalknDead2.0 server is up!...Punk Buster - OFF, Hard Core - OFF. Hope to see you again.
    DarthSledge Is this server still up?
    il y a 9 ans
  • keyokey a écrit sur le mur de la section -WalkInDead- :
    Player coooooollllll is switching teams to kill me, but that lasted only a little while as he got tired of getting kicked. But then he joins game to be on my team, and proceeded to only injury me with a shot or two and keep me at a disadvantage. It's a an interesting .
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    DrR1pperUk Any chance I could get a second chance with an unban Burn2/triple4zero pretty please?
    il y a 2 ans
    CabrakanInSea unrelated to this feed, I got banned from server. Stated reason: In game name different than listed BF3 name. Need to investigate. I was in between names and had not restarted Origin and probably showed two different names on Pr...
    il y a 1 an
  • CDN_Christine a écrit sur le mur de la section -WalkInDead- :
    Server is gone? :( sad day
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    dotnessi if it's dead go play on Colonel Biceps' server, granted its hosted by Netherlands but it's great cuz all the legends play there ;P (in my faves)
    il y a 3 ans
    AXMarine Server is gone for good...no players
    il y a 1 an