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Welcome to Where Do I Shoot?! (Competitive)
PSN: Nay4376 - Founder
PSN: Alex_c1992 - Co-Founder

This platoon has been made for the members of Where Do I Shoot who want to get into the competitive side of Battlefield 3. We will be trying to get at least 1 competitive WDIS vs platoon game a week, unless something important comes up!

-Squad Leaders-
- Turn your chat to team chat (leaders only)
- Be verbal during matches
- Listen to the other leaders suggestions in games
- Read the tactics (check the website slot at the top of the page) and stick to them!
- Set up practice sessions (at least two a week!) with your squad
- Ask your squads if they can attend matches (if your full squad cant go then don't apply)

-Player Requirements-
- Must have a SPM of 500+
- Must be a team player  
- Must be a active member (3 weeks inactive will result in you being kicked! unless a valid reason is given) 
- Must try to get on with your squad at least twice a week!
- Must wear the platoons tag when you play with us (WDIS) 
- During competitive games put your chat to squad NOT team
- Must listen to their selected squad leader (can result in being kicked if you don't listen)
- Try and get to every platoon vs platoon match (give a good reason as to why you can't go)

- Nay4376
- Alex_C1992
- exotoa335

-4 play74 (playytime)
-Nielson88 (KingTy21)

-Sal4lakerz (salishot)
-EckoBlackrain67 (BLAKRAIN67)
-Ventlin (devin0815) and Tubster (MrTubbie001)

- Foulkey
Main Platoon: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241097838371/

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