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You must wear the Tag: DRDD to participate in clan battles.

This elite clan is not for those who think there fucking RAMBO ... this clan is only for those who work as a team.
If your a great team player this is where you want to be.
Our motive in every match is to leave NO MAN BEHIND.
Deal Death to the enemy.
Push them back to there base and rape them.
You will get used to the fact that there are alot of people that like to quit when they see no hope.


There will be only 1 LAW in this platoon:

Try your best no matter what to do just that. End of story.
If i see or have complaints that you are not being a team player you will be left out with the enemy yourself.
Always join a DeathDealer member in battle when playing.

Clan Practices: Tuesday 9/18/12 @ 4 oclock

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