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Hello and welcome to the Support Dinosaur Mode platoon page. This clan is here in order to show DICE that we want a dinosaur mode in Battlefield 3.

This has been discussed recently by a lot of people. And DICE has even asked us, the gamers, if we are serious about this. Well are we? Join this platoon if you agree with me - yes we are!

Below are two of the tweets DICE posted regarding the Dinosaur Mode:

@zamielk No, at this time there is no word on a dinosaur DLC. Would you like one? And if so, would it be humans vs. dinosaurs? ^KB

Glad to see the enthusiasm. Really, though, if this is something you guys want the best way to go about it is to try to get #BF3Dinos off the ground on Twitter.
If that shit trends it's pretty hard to ignore.

This shows that this actually might work! So if you still want to find out more watch the following video from LevelCapGaming: or read the following blog:

Once the platoon has reached its full capacity, just become a fan to show your support. Thanks again for visiting Support Dinosaur Mode's platoon page.

Happy Gaming,

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