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Welcome To ~ [RpG] ~ clan page


XBOX [[ INACTIVE]] Moved to the ps3 !
We will back on bf4 !
Our PS3 Division :

About the clan :
- First of all we started 4 years ago in Bad Company 1 in PS3 ,but now we have PS3 and XBOX divisions
- Our clan is featuring in enjoyment .. we can say we are the best arabic clan.
- Our clan is one of the most powerful clans in the World .
- if you think you are a professional team player check out

For scrims or friendly matches please contact : "iProKiller37"

Our PC Division :
Our Youtube Channel:


RpG Members :
" Do NOT play against each other at any match ! expect training , you may get a warning "
" Do NOT T-Bag after the training or insult any other member"
~ See you on the battlefield !


Upcoming Matches :

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