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Oh supple blade,
So pliant and keen,
Tool of man’s motives,
The noble and mean.

Formed to serve purpose -
To part what must part,
To pierce what needs piercing,
To end and to start.

Once crafted of glass
Out of Earth’s fiery core,
Steel now gives you life,
Hist’ry’s rich with your lore!

Servant of Life,
Its protector and taker,
Keen shining symbol
Of mover and shaker.

Faithful minion of chef,
Hunter, soldier, and wife,
Blade without human hand
Will never take life.

by Randy L. Whynacht
(this is only an excerpt of "Never a Dull Moment", for full poem visit:

Platoon for hunters, knife maniacs and Sueggs friends!

If you want to join this platoon, you need the right spirit with the blade in your hand. To prove you have it, battle me with your knife!

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