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Quiet professionals! so speak with your skill not your ego.

Our philosophy:

1.Respect. treat other clan members and other players with respect.(know the limits of their humor)

2.Team work. youre not playing for yourself, youre playing for the entire team.

3. Attitude. This is extremely important to your squad and to the

entire platoon!! It can be like a cancer and spread through your squad.

Youtube channel

AoDiablo >

Leaderboard >


RANKS in descending order:

Leaders: AoDiablo, AoDodgeSwinger, Soulzthief, UnholySaint, FenrisSulfur

Responsibilities: Being awesome and keeping shit in check.

Represented with (AoD1)

Commanders: Xero, Showoff

Responsibilities: Can set up clan matches, may recruit and evaluate prospects

Represented with (AoDC)

Officers: SkeletonThief, Flux

Responsibilities: Can set up scrims, may recruit and evaluate prospects

Represented with (AoDO)

Majors: Redzone

Responsibilities: Training recruits with AoD approved strategies, may recruit and evaluate prospects

Represented with (AoDM)

Lieutenants: AoDaddyANX, Softy

Responsibilities: Basic skills training for recruits, May recruit/evaluate prospects

Represented with (AoDL)

Sergeants: JMac, Cyrus, Goodman, Clusterbomb, FreshMidgets

Responsibilities: PeaceKeepers

Represented with (AoDS)

Privates: AxisLeader, KBarney, Freedom, MFro

Responsibilities: Organizing members who are fill-ins/not currently participating in a clan match

Represented with (AoDP)


This is the structure of our ranking system.

For more information on how to rank up ask higher ranking members.

Anyone has the possibility of being either promoted or demoted at any time based on performance and activity level.


Practices will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays, and is mandatory to attend at least 1 per week to be considered an "active" member

If there are no matches scheduled for the weekend, additional practices may be held on Saturday/Sunday


Recruitment policy:

1.Age limit 16 (This is what we are shooting for). Any current AoD member younger than this will be grandfathered in (this rule don't apply to you) only future recruits are held by this standerd. We may also take some that may be under 16 but this will be case by case (depending on maturity level).

2.All recruits will have (aod) as their clan tag only it will be in lower case letters.This will make it easy to identify prospects.

3.The recruitment process will take two weeks. During this period all ranked players should make an effort to play with recruits and make evaluations on them.

1. skill. look at the skill level he is applying for (pilot,tank driver,ect...).

2. team work and comunication.

3. over all attitude.( is this person negative all the time)

4. avalibility (how often he plays)

You should give your assesment to the leaders once a week. At the end of the recruitment prossess we will put it up to a vote. Once recruits are AoD they will report to the lieutenants for basic skills training and then on to majors for tactics training. at the end of this prossess they then put the tag (AoDP). If this tag dosnt give you the motivation to rank up. I dont know what will.

**time of recruitment may change to the first and fifthteenth of every month so if we get a recruit one week before the first they will have to wait till the 15th. it will be a minamim of two weeks max of three weeks.**

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