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We are the Competitive Team for kRs.

*************************************HARDCORE CLAN BATTLE RECORD (40-7)*******************************

*Recent Matches*
kRs vs KTG 2-1W (FN Match)
kRs vs Kelevra Competitive 2-0W
kRs vs iskillz 0-2L
kRs vs Team Iconic 0-2L
kRs vs Team Iconic 2-1W (FN Match)
kRs vs GSP 2-1W (FN Match)
kRs vs Team Iconic 2-0W (FN Match)
kRs vs KAW 2-0W
kRs vs Kelevra Competitive 2-1W (FN Match)
kRs vs M.E.R.K. 2-0W (FN Match)
kRs vs GSP 2-1W (FN Match)
kRs vs. RnX 2-0W (FN Match)
kRs vs. ShGe 2-0W (FN Match)
kRs vs. 2on1 0-1L (FN Match) ( 1MAP Forfeit due to BL problems)
kRs vs Seven 2-3L
kRs vs TWT 2-0W(FN Match)
kRs vs Team Iconic 2-1W(FN Match) last 5 matches 4-1
kRs vs 2hip 2-0W (FN Match)
kRs vs mmP 0-2L (FN Match)
kRs vs KNFE W (FN Match) (Forfeit - Disbanded)

Add Come_Get_Some25 to friends for clan battle setup

Fragged Nation Ladders:
Hardcore Conquest:

***Note for Clans that Challenge: We don't play with any special rules whatsoever and we only play hardcore mode****

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: *Under construction*
*Subject to change

Must be dedicated.
Must be a teamplayer.
Must have mic and be able to FOLLOW ORDERs

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