Marine Scout Snipers
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My goal of this platoon is to have players that are dedicated to playing as recon and playing like real Marine Scout Snipers. I'm planning to put them through a training course just like the real snipers. If you pass, then you're in.

Our main rifles will be the M40A5, M98B, M39 EMR, and M417. Attachments will be based on the distances of the targets, and the environment, example, Seine Crossing will be mainly semi auto snipers.

Each sniper team will have a shooter, and a spotter. All targets over 500m will be made with the M98B as it easy to estimate where the bullet drop will be.

In urban/suburban maps such as Grand Bazaar, Strike at Karkand, and Tehran Highway, all snipers will have suppressors.

To be in the platoon, you must have 3 things, a mic, good sniper skills, and good stealth/sneaking around skills.

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