TakeCare Dodged Us
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TakeCare Dodged Us Community Page

Ever been having the squad rush game of your life only to find yourself back at the main menu with a score of like 20-0? Its not a coincidence. You were just playing on an FsA server and were kicked by the almighty random Take Care. This page is for any BF3 community member who has encountered him and were removed from the game for being better than him (Having "Aimbot" using "modded devices" and "Being a Scrub" or any clans that are yet to encounter him because of the fear FsA clan will get murked. Please feel free to share your stories. Unite in our dislike for this no talented trash talker. Any time ya catch this guy goin negative (should be all the time) feel free to post that battle report. :D

***Please FAN Our Community If You Support NOT Supporting Take_Care27

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