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(OCF) Operation crossfire is an adult based platoon, we are a group of friends that enjoy playing the game, We play to win in every game, everybody is welcome to join, as long as you have a decent kd ratio, more kills then deaths. We strife to become a well known, friendly and welcoming platoon to all our new
and old members.

Fed up of playing on your own looking to team up, bored of never being revived / given ammo / someone to be
there to back you up in any situation. Then you need to come and join OCF where our members will help you out
in anyway they can. We believe in fair game no point in playing against newbs as you dont learn anything.
● Age 18+
● Decent kd ratio, more kills then deaths
● Wear our clan tag OCF at all times
● Have a microphone
● Play Conquest on core
● PFTO play for the objective at all times
● A team player not hang back and let everyone else do the work
● Able to adapt to different situations
● Be as active as you can

If you are interested in joining CROSSFIRE, the recruiting officer is III1SPARTAN1III
This is our recruitment thread to put our name out there. In order to gain new recruits regular bumping or a nice message will make our recruitment forum go to the top of the page, so please post on a daily basis

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