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To DEEP a clan that drives to best of the best and a clan that always likes to have a bit of fun while playing the objective. We are drama free clan and we play for for fun and currently trying to get into competitive world to the top clans were only the best play .
Our members are always loyal and there punctuality to be on the clan battles are always spot on .We communicate and bring pack of action to the team like leadership , listening skills are most important and how you act when you in a tough situation.

^¬^&*ABOUT DEEP*&^¬^
This Clan was created by #playgirldarlene and her brother hitop96. We are currently recruiting people who are willing to put Loyalty , Time , Progress, Leadership, Communication, and most of all Team Work and
Listening skills. The clan contains girls so no sneaking around behind no ones back everyone. Is fair and loyal to everyone and we are all good friends. When we play together , When we listen and play as a TEAM, the clan is unstoppable and that's why it makes it so strong to have both gender in the clan.

^¬^&* HOW TO JOIN [DEEP] *&^¬^
To Join Our Clan once again you must think really hard have i got TEAM IN ME OR NO cause there is no i in team, everything is done together till the end.
To be part of DEEP you must have Mic it is very important that you do so. Mic = Communication & Listening.
Once we checked you good to go ,you have everything we need and you have spoke to one of the leaders. You can go ahead and apply to the platoon. Will be glad to have you aboard the team and cant wait to see what you got to show us :) .
Contact the Founder ONLY if you want a battle:
playgirldarlene aka Darlene

Contact xXRuSSiANX_xDogX for more Clan information.

1) FireMonkees
2) hitop96
3) Awall-94

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