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We are [MAK] stands for the [Mighty Ass Kickers]

We stand for LOYALTY in this clan.
MAK only.In the army you also can not fight for 2 or more country's at the same time.
Clanhoppers are not welcome.

We are a group of @ the moment 36 Elite members.We almost dont use battlelog anymore because of the no privacy you have there.
Thats why we created a Private Facebookgroup for all members where we tell when the Clanbattles take place,where we explain tactics and where we discuss things and have fun!
Also on this way you see who you are speeking to.
We are International with a lot of different Nationalitees in the clan.And thats a nice thing!You get to know people from all over te world.

We have 7 Great Leaders in the clan all for specifik duty's to make the group stronger!

-Founder :
Armorking110 - Arranges all the Clanwars - Recruits new people.

Txkr- Arranges Clanwars with abscend of Armorking - Keep statistics of the members who answers for Clanbattles and who is not.

McDufff- Makes our newsletters for every Clanwars with specifik duty's for every player + Tactical Leader

RocknRollbaz- Concentrates pure on Tactics for every map and every battle.

Sixxmuss - Trainingleader - Try's to make weekly Trainingmatches with as many as possible MAK members.Pure for teammotivation and learn the people the tactics that the other leaders thought about.

Chris Bis - Leader of our Airforces and Creator of this nice Website for the Clan!

Sven_4_MAK - Updates 'weekly' Battlelog about Clanbattles,etc..

We still have some Rules in this Clan.

Be proud on the MAK tag -Be proud to be part of this group!

We leaders make a lot of effort to arrange these wars so the least you can do is answer a simple message.3x no answer=out of the clan.

Youtube channels:
Armorking110 -
xXexcellentXxHD -
Luc_G_91 -
Senhcrik -

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