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Combat-Ready is a multi-gaming community which was formed back in 2005, We originally started out playing CS:S and expanded onto BF2 where we built up a good reputation running a popular 24/7 Wake Island server.

We are currently running 1x Armoured Shield, 1x FlyMaps and 1x Tank Superiority BF3 servers which we have setup with the aim of creating a fair and fun gaming experience for all of our players.

We are always open to suggestions from our players to improve our servers and get more people involved with our community, should you have any please feel free to sign up on our site and introduce yourself.

We are currently recruiting new members 18+ to join the community, we don't recruit based on a persons stats or skill, all that we are looking for is people which enjoy the game and work as part of a team. If you feel that you would be interested in becoming a part of our community please visit our site for details.

Combat-Ready BF3 Server 3 | 24/7 Tank Supiriority | PBBans | PB Screens!/combat_ready

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