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____________________________________XBOX PLATOON_____________________________________

XBOX PLATOON DIVISIONS (all participate in our community play dates):

XBOX Europe
- European Division of the XBOX Platoon Community

XBOX: Mechanized Unit
- XBOX Platoon's Vehicular Warfare Division

XBOX Tactical
- Elite Tactical Gameplay, Performance-based
- Applications Accepted Last 5 Days of Each Month

Contact us at if you would like to found an XBOX Platoon Division!!


Become a FAN of XBOX Platoon and support our community!!!

We have reached the dreaded 100 member limit and are approving applications as new space opens or the limit increases! Consider also applying to one of XBOX Platoon's Divisions!

TOP MEMBERS (1st of Every Month)

Assault: ElectricShock72
Support: oVACANTo
Recon: pouchey2
Engineer: CascadaCIA

Please congratulate these members when you see them on the battlefield!

BlockedFall6 will be posting a regular Battlefield101 "Tip of the Day" to help you become a TOP MEMBER.
Look for his posts and send any suggestions to him!


Our next official XBOX Platoon Community Play Date is scheduled for:
Information coming soon!!!

Community Play Dates are across divisions, so come out and meet ALL our members!!!

Advice for starting a game:
- start 8-man parties,
- 4 people join in a squad, and
- 4 others join from outside the game...once in, you should be pretty steady for the night.
Use the server browser and look for games with 5+ player count for the best chance of full party join!

XBOX* Platoon is a community of like-minded players looking for an atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie. We accept players of all types and ages, from noob to noob-slayer.

All we ask for all applicants is to:
- Join with a desire to build the community and play as a team.
- Post your gamer tag on the message board so other members of the platoon can friend you.
- Add other XBOX Platoon members on xbox live.

Use the Platoon Feed to setup play dates!

* XBOX Platoon is not officially affiliated with Microsoft or related parties.

Founder gamer tag is BeeHive37. Add me on xbox live!

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