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Do you get a rush running around a map laying waste to enemies regardless of your teammates position and condition? Are you a one-man wrecking crew? How about when you spawn, jump in the nearest vehicle, tear out of the base, never look behind for your teammates, and only look forward to the enemy, bringing your weapon of mass extermination to them? If you answered yes to any of these then please close your browser or leave this Platoon page immediately! You're looking at the wrong team.

What?! Yes, you read that correctly. if you are a lone-wolf type player who cannot control your impulse to run around without any heed to your brothers-in-arms while in combat, or if you think you are God's-Gift to FPS-gaming then this team is not for you.

This type of online warfare is not for the impatient player, nor is it for the player who cannot handle playing a role in a larger team. Servers are full of players that run around doing their own thing, paying no heed to the overall goal of the team.

The primary goal or purpose of Bastards Brigade is to develop a proficient and deadly Tactical team for Battlefield 3 and create the environment to foster intense fun and competition on the largest scale possible.

We will be fielding the largest team possible starting with 8v8 teams, or 4v4 teams in competitions. If this is what you are looking for then please apply with us. If the idea of large scale tactical combat sounds fun to you, then we are also interested in your application to the team and plan on fielding larger teams as we grow. However, like any team that desires to truly work together and develop the necessary skills for victory, know that training is required. We train 2 to 3 nights per week and expect our members to be present at these training exercises whenever possible.

For those of you who want to play a casual game we have room for you too.

Web Site: []

32 Man Server: []

Open TS3 Voice Server : or

Feel free to Join us...

For those of you interested in competitive play please put a message on Tackyshot's wall with the following information:

Desired Ladder: (Rush/Conq & 4v4/8v8 etc)
Desired League: (PSG / TWL / GB)
What class you want to play:
Secondary class:
Best days and Times for a Set weekly 1hr practice: BE SPECIFIC

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