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Looking for a platoon where we can all have fun together playing BF3?

We all have started somewhere and all are welcome, regardless if your a newbie or a veteran player that has fought in other BF games with or without me. We are looking to just have fun kicking butt and taking tags.

In this platoon, we are all equal. Some might be higher ranks or kdrs than others but we all still equal.

Lastly, remember we are here to have fun. No matter win or lose we strive to have fun. (Preferably to win, of course!) But I don't want our platoon to be known as whiners, campers, cheaters, or boosters. etc.

Remember we are affiliated with OB3 and COW as well. They are brothers-in-arms. Not to mention lots of members here are also in one if not both the others.

Lastly, we are allies with CKL, 911, and T1O as well.


Follow us on facebook either click the official website link or copy and paste the URL above

ATTENTION ALL NEW MEMBERS Requesting XxMeleeXx94, DiPDiPSeTT, or any other 300 leader on Xbox Live are your best bets of playing with the clan. We also have 3 clan servers, just search spartans. If wearing the SPAR/SPRA tag in one of our servers admins will try and keep everyone together. In order to not rob people of wins switchs will most likely occur at the beginning of each round. Also if your interested in moving up the ladder to 300 apply at spartans agoge and read the platoon presentation there.

The 4 official clan servers are: Spartans-Agoge, Spartans -The Killing Fields, Spartans-300, Spartans - The Mora

Spartan Clans

Spartans The Shield/Spear ( Tier 3 ) This branch of the clan is the entry level. It is open to everyone who is looking for other people who play bf3 to have fun and make friends regardless of their stats. The clan tag is SPAR.

Spartans MORA ( Tier 2 ) This branch of the clan is focused on training our members how to work together and how to play the objective. While in MORA you will be evaluated on your communication skills and your level of respect toward the leaders and clan members. The clan tag is MORA. (Only the trainers will be wearing this tag, all other members should keep their tags depending on what tier of the clan they're already in. ex. 300, SPRA, or SPAR)

Spartans Agoge ( Tier 2 ) This branch of the clan is for members who would want to get more involved within the clan. When in Agoge you will be evaluated by your peers and 300 leaders to determine whether or not you are ready to be promoted into 300. The clan tag is SPRA.

Spartans 300 ( Tier 1 ) This branch of the clan is the elite of the Spartans. It is comprised of our original members and new but very talented players. You have to prove yourself worthy of joining 300. The 300 leaders will bring you up for a vote to determine if you are ready to join. The clan tag is 300.

300 Leadership voted in.
Arkhageti : Leonidas Agiad7
Ypolochagi: DiPDiPSeTT
Tagatarchis: Kusshhhnastyyy

Recruiter: XxMeleexX94

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