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Feed the Dinosaurs.

Our second platoon http://tinyurl.com/OhMy-Platoon-II

Our server: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/64fd6612-5757-4c13-b81c-83dc6bde3e3f/Oh-My-Guts-TDM-400-tickets-64p-No-Rules/

Come and join us on our community forums.


Cheaters, griefers and racists will be banned.
No weapon restrictions. You are expected to play fair.
Server encourages teamplay, friendly chat and skill.
Constructive criticism will be heard.

A word about behaviour on our server.
It's an adult environment. Expect some adult language. Expect some "noob" RPG ,USAS etc comments.
Deal with it.
However, trash talk and excessive "noob" weapon comments (whining) will get a kick, and if persistent, a ban.

Autobalance is enabled. It's not perfect but it is better than none at all. Last joined player is swapped.

Admins: Singh400, RFaMacetheAce, Proteas and OhMy_DrDeath.

We stream to PBBans,GGC, ACI, PBScreens and Metabans as well as running automated anti-cheat server scripts.

Metabans: http://metabans.com/OhMy

PBScreens: http://pbscreens.com/?screens-view-74-0--0-0-0-2- (registration required)

We really, Really, REALLY don't like whining.

Our Rules.
We have the same rules on all our servers. If you don't like em, tough.

General Rules

******Abusive behaviour to, or irritate admins and other players will not pass unnoticed.
If you're lucky you get a warning...

******We do not tolerate any form of "-ism".
So racism, sexism whatever -ism you may think of, instant ban without warning.

Don't cheat.
Don't moan.
Be fair to the newer or lower ranked players. You were all noobs once.
Don't whine, just shut up and die.
Don't be the crybaby of the year....go away and play with your Barbie dolls.
Don't feel you can be abusive to other players for WHATEVER reason.... if you have an issue
with another player or other players, let Admins know.
Don't advertise websites other than your clan, and be reasonable about it. Don't spam !
We can spam what we like on OUR servers, you however, cannot.
Don't cheat....Oh, we said that already.................YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED
Don't WTF Laggggggggg!....rubbish server!....unhit laggy crapserver!!! or anything like that.
Doing so in server chat will end with a size 12 boot up your...............KICK........... continuing will end in a ban.

Do try some teamplay and teamwork, that is what BF3 is about.

Don't cheat....again................ (remember the banning stated above)
Don't cheat, cheat or cheat....eh, yeah that too.
Don't argue with admins in game, if you think you have a genuine grievance, do it privately.
You can post on our forums or PM at http://ohmycommunity.com

Everyone got all that? Good. We want you and everyone else who plays on our servers to enjoy themselves.
Now, good luck and have fun.


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