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The Tier 1 Gaming Community is a network of gamers who value maturity, sportsmanship, and great teamplay.

We would like to share our passion of playing video games in the company of other like-minded gamers.
We are open to all genders and welcome you to join our community. As a community, we expect our members to
respect one another.Please join us and share in our passion for video games.

Everyone including casual gamers, harcore/competitive gamers, and beginners are welcomed!

Simply joining our Platoon does not mean you are a part of the Tier 1 Gaming community. If you would like to join, please visit our forum and create an application.

Tier 1 Gaming is currently recruiting for Team Warfare Leage (TWL) and other leagues.

Please check out our forums using the Official Website link above to learn more.

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// Join our TEAMSPEAK server
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<hidden, visit forum for details>

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// Visit our 32 Slot 24/7 SQDM Server
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(located in Dallas, Texas)

[RULE] M320 = 5 Kills, CLAYMORE = 3 Kills Only
[RULE] NO KILLS in Vehicles/Mortars
Player - Tickets (Below)
1-6 = 20, 7-12 = 50, 13-32 = 100 Tickets

// Visit our 16 Slot TWL Squad Rush Server
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(located in Dallas, Texas)

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