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The original Gr8s:
True_Gr8ness316, nutron23, & xdogtailx

Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
-William Shakespeare

For the truly elite battlefield players. Apply today, and show us what you got. Members of the platoon play just about everything, so we have enough for everybody.

We have a Twitter!

Be sure to represent the clan with the "Gr8" clan tag.

Please add Platoon leader's PSNs so we know when you are online, as well as to be informed of matches.

To become a leader you will have to play in many platoon games, Be at least rank 45, and contribute to the squad.

Gr8 Motto: WE DO THIS!

Be sure to check back often, so you can see when we have platoon battles

Founder: Leader_of_Gr8

Second in Command: Austress678

Recruiter: THE_JOKER_202

Leaders: Austress678 & THE_JOKER_202
*leaders are required to wear "Gr8" at all times*

Minimum Requirements:

W/L: 1.00

SPM: 450

K/D: 1.25 exception high SPM(550 and up)

1 Ace Squad Medal, teamwork is important.

Rank 30

You only have to meet 4 requirements.

Exceptions: New players and known players of leaders who have proven an improvement in recent games.

These requirements are new, so any current members who don't meet them are excused.

Allied with:
[SAS]Special Air Service

[1st]1st Marines Battilion



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