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Welcome to WolfPack !

If you want to join us visit: http://www.wolfpack.net.au/
WolfPack is recruiting for new members,
You must be 16 years old of age or older to join and have a clear microphone for voice communications.

Currently the WolfPack empire stretches across the entire country of Australia and then reaches as far north as Asia,and as far east as California including New Zealand.

We accept both casual and competitive players and we have squads for basically every game and game type so that you will always be able to join a squad that is perfect for you.We are a clan based on,teamwork,maturity,and dedication.

We are currently recruiting players for Battlefield 3 and we welcome anyone of any skill type to join us, all we look for is people who are social,easy going and enjoy working with others.We don't care about K/D and we don't care if you're not that good.We work with you to improve your gaming,we'll help you out any way we can.We do not believe in adding pressure early on and therefore we are currently a casual gaming clan where we want players to have fun and meet some cool people while doing so.We invite you to explore our website and grow with us,share your ideas,post on the forums,join the team.

An average life expectancy of a common clan is about 3 to 6 months.Our community has been around since 1999,with members from around the world and our structure allows us to expand if/when the need arises.We value each and every member.Whether you show great practice/match attendance,or show other qualities such as good conduct,dedication,teamwork,tactics and performance on and off the field,our points system and our awards are there to give recognition to those who have earned it.

WolfPack fights to the last man standing.

Stand by us in battle and know you will have all of WolfPack behind you.We will stand by your side,win, lose or draw.

Created in 1999 for originally Quake,WolfPack has become a veteran clan of online team based gaming,with members from Australia,New Zealand,Asia,Europe,Canada,and the United States!
We have forged teamwork,hard work,and brutal skill into each and every member.
WolfPack currently supports Battlefield 3,World of Tanks and DayZ.

What makes WFPK special?
Our people,we have dedicated members.Our unique recognition for actions with awards,and ranks give our gaming experiences structure.
Most important of all we give you the opportunity to choose your own path with us.

As an organized clan we know how to coordinate events efficiently,with weekly meetings on teamspeak as well as our highly structured Chain of Command there is always room to be heard.Our members enjoy gaming on dozens of games and proudly support our tags with pride.

We pride ourselves on the maturity of our members and therefore have an age limit of 16+.
Hand in an application today!

WolfPack: Respect - Honour - Pride

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