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Guden Tag! The Ghost Company is finally here to put fear into its BF3 adversaries. An authentic military chain of command with rank and file just like the real armed forces. Each recruit is integrated into units that are divided based on availability times, interest in clan matches, ladders tournies, and overall seriousness towards tactful gameplay. With weekly events and membership to other sites such as Fragged Nation and BF3online, Ghost Company provides all the keys to creating yourself a blissful gaming experience. Whether you would like to join a clan or just for fun or to crush your opponents on the battlefield with teamwork and tactics, Ghost Company will get you there.

X-Must own or plan to own a mic
X-Must be willing to hold membership on website and post in forums when required
X-Must be mature and respectful of other members and other clans

To join visit our website and go to the Recruitment Tab and add Recruiter Bucyrus on PSN.
PSN ID:bucvrus


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