The Teutonic Order
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Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus St. Mariens in Jerusalem

Hochmeister (head of the Order, elected for life by a General Conclave)-Impacttrooper

Gross Hospittler ( responsible for organising and running the hospices and alm-houses of the Order) -Jellal

OrdenMarschall (Resides at the castle of Konigsberg and is responsible for all military operations on the Lithuanian borders)-Felix

Landmeister (subordinate to the OrdenMarschall, the Landmeister is responsible for the administration and military operations of his Province)-Simian

OberstTrappier (governs areas regarded as pacified)-Forlorn

Gross Tressler (Resides with the Hochmeister and is responsible for the "state" treasury of the Order and almost all of their finances)-Elen

The two armies met, and there was terrible carnage, and the crash of spears and their breaking and the clash of swords smiting as they moved over the frozen sea, and you could not see the ice, it was covered with blood.

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