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European Support Group [ ESG ]

ESG or FluX (T5) code

European Support Group (ESG) is a multinational clan team which has been established in order to compete with other European clans.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW CLAN MEMBERS ALL OVER THE EUROPE!!! pls contact ESG bielu6 or Urho76. If you are infantry player and looking for T5 mode contact ESG SHOGUN PL

There is an age restriction to join our clan which is 18 years old. Lower age can be taken under consideration only if player shows a professional attitude!!! This situation must be discussed by all the clan members if it should arise
The only requirement is to possess a headset and speak Basic English in order to communicate with other players during the game.

Any clan matches, sparring and practice games will be held on a weekend basis as most of us are working adults.

Joining ESG clan you will be obligated to participate in clan matches, sparring and practice games. If you cannot attend for some reason please let us know in advance so we could arrange another clan player to stand in for you.

WE LOOKING FOR SOME CLAN TO COOPERATE WITH !!! (Play some friendly games; Try new tacticks; Practice for jet and heli pilots, tank and LAV drivers and infantry mode.)

Members of the clan (vehicles):
Tank - BrO BoTo80; Urho76; LikleNebula25
Tank service - ESG bielu6; ESG eNdriu87
Heli - LuGoMa n Miki; I Crazy Camel I; Goust Hardy
Jet - IENE Mr C0DdI0; XxDanVanglatxX; I Crazy Camel I; ESG GROM PL

Official clan matches:

ESG - LoW UK (4 : 0) [8vs8] conquest
ESG - oX (WuTg) (1 : 2) [10vs10] conquest
ESG - FTF (0 : 4) [6vs6] infantry - conquest
ESG - SDCB (1:1) [5vs5] infantry - conquest
ESG - DEV (4 : 0) [8vs8] infantry - conquest

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