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R O Y A L -- K N I G H T S -- C O R P S-- C O M P E T I T I V E

[RKCc] Royal Knights Corps Competitive
Founded by: UKultimateCARD, Purple_GO-RRILLA, PackersFan1979, layneHEF, kns7777, & thetotalpackage1

The RKCc Royal Knights Corps Competitive Team was founded as a result of a split from KAW Knights At War clan and a merge with AsW Annihilating Soldiers Worldwide.

All of our members are really cool people, laid back, and we all get along with each other really well! Some of our members love to melee, so watch ya neck! One of our newest members has over 10,000 + knife kills! RKC is growing, and is active in competitive matches on FraggedNation with a lot of the top hardcore clans in BF3.

RKC has 2 platoons on Battlelog, [RKC] Royal Knights Corps is a platoon for all our members, Competitive, Veterans, Enlisted, & Recruits. Members of this platoon have fun playing and trolling on BF3 together. This platoon is also used as a feeder platoon for our [RKCc] RKC Competitive Team platoon. We are currently recruiting all skill levels & classes, and have placed a priority on Jet & Helo Pilots.

RKC Ranks:
[RKCc] Royal Knights Corps Competitive
[RKCv] Royal Knights Corps Veteran
[RKCe] Royal Knights Corps Enlisted
[RKCr] Royal Knights Corps Recruit

If you are interested in becoming a Royal Knight and want to join the CORPS, please see the requirements listed below;

1. RESPECT: Be respectful at all times, follow leader instruction, no whining, no rage quitting, & never argue or respond to hate mail.
2. KDR of 1.0 or better
3. SPM of 500 or better
4. Apply to join the RKC Royal Knights Corps platoon on Battlelog. If accepted, a leader will contact you via Battlelog and you will be required to wear the RKCr tag until you have earned your Enlisted Rank and are ready to graduate. (This is an introductory phase to allow the Clan & the new player a chance to see if it is a fit.)
5. Add all RKC members as friends on BL & PSN
6. Be available for all scheduled weekly practices.
7. Join & Squad up with RKC member when playing.
8. Must have mic or get a mic within the 1st month of becoming a member.

(In order to graduate to each rank, a leader will nominate the player and a majority vote rules (3/2 or better.) When nominated to join the RKC Competitive Team the player MUST receive all 5 leader votes to be confirmed.)

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[FraggedNation Record]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

RKCc vs AsW WIN (2-1m) (3-3r)
RKCc vs ShGe WIN (2-0m) (4-0r)
RKCc vs RHA Loss (0-2m) (0-4r)
RKCc vs kRs Loss (1-2m) (3-3r)
RKCc vs 7NG Loss (0-2m) (0-4r)
RKCc vs TWT Loss (1-2m) (1-3r)
RKCc vs AsW Loss (1-2m) (4-2r)
Overall FN Record: 2/5


None Scheduled

RCK Royal Knights Corps: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391928538318/

RKC Competitive Team: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391928541387/

RKC Royal Knights Corps

Clan Battle/ Scrims
We have joined the FraggedNation BF3 Hardcore Ladder. If you want to scrim contact Purple_GO-RRILLA about challenge at least 48 hrs before you want to scrim. We are open to 4v4 up to 12v12, we play hardcore conquest w/ no special rules, and will consider Conquest Normal matches. We’re not down with opponents using map glitches like under the floor, in the ceiling, or in a wall where you can’t be seen. If you can’t get there by steps or through a door, it’s a glitch! Basically, play fair, use your best kits, and try to work your strategy.

Contact Info: Contact any RKC Leader on PSN, BL, or send email to rkc.purple.gorrilla@gmail.com

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